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Work Club Summer Programme 2014/15


As part of our Work Club Summer Programme 2014/15 the Young People went out on Coastal Voyager. The activity is designed to build the young peoples confidence, communication skills and team work. Their challenge of the day was to pilot the rib boat from Southwold to Lowestoft.

The Activity

The nine young people, who took part in this activity, first leant about sea charts and how to read them. They then went on to learn how to use a compass and the chart together. Marcus the skipper then went on to talk about the safety rules on the Rib boat and sea. The young people then split into two teams and went on to the two boats. They then took it in turns to pilot us from Southwold to Lowestoft. The young people took it in turns to navigate, and pilot the rib boat. This involved them communicating to each other and working as a team so as to arrive safely. They learnt about the bouys out at sea and bringing the boat into the habour.

Everyoone then had lunch and a stretch of their legs before the students then piloted us all back to Southwold.

The feedback from the day included:

Coastal Voyager:

Marcus Gladwell Director

“They were a brilliant group of young people who all partook in the activity and listened and followed the instructions“

The Students:

All the students felt that it helped them learn new skills and thought it was an amazing activity

“I wish I could do this every day, it’s been great fun.”

“I was not really looking forward to piloting and navigating as I thought I couldn’t do it, but so glad the others encouraged me to do it as I realised things are not as scary as I think they are going to be”

“I have had an amazing time and feel that I have learnt so many new things by doing this. I loved learning how to make the boat wet everyone as we went through the waves"

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